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indoor cycling instructor course

Top reasons we are chosen and trusted by aspiring instructors and companies worldwide:

  • Specialist Online Education - Not just a live course chopped up into parts for online delivery, or a simple, automated 'tick box certificate' like most. Instead, you get expertly crafted and engaging content to benefit all learning styles. Ready made class plans and takeaway templates make learning and teaching simple and enjoyable.
  • Expert Personal Support - Your questions will be answered quickly and in person by course creator Debbie Kneale, giving you unmatched support.
  • Credibility and Confidence - We include more content and support than other indoor cycling courses, including Spinning. All this, plus personal support and feedback on assessments means you will know more, can be a better instructor and step confidently into any teaching scenario. All of this also ensures employers and insurers can be confident in you too.
  • Simple and intuitive to use - All you need is internet access, a device for accessing/viewing and the ability to click/tap!
  • No prior fitness qualifications needed - Because we include more, many enthusiasts have made the transition from 'I just love Spin*' to being a successful indoor cycling instructor on completion of this training. 
  • Flexibility and Convenience - Start immediately, no waiting and no travel. 24/7 access anywhere anytime and on any computer, tablet or phone with internet. Review content at your own pace and as often as you like within a generous 6 month standard enrollment. 
  • Boutique Standards at Regular PricesWe are proud to have earned an unmatched 100% recommendation rate and consistent '5 star - Excellent' ratings from instructors worldwide. We do this by providing the very best content and support at a great value price. We continue to update content to keep you ahead and remain committed to giving you the very best online learning experience possible.
  • Choice of levels to suit individual needs - Start with Essentials Plus (equivalent to Spinning etc) then progress to Pro if desired. (Optional)
  • An exclusive package of ongoing support - Instructor rewards, web authentication, online refreshers, marketing, personal gym introductions, promotion opportunities, discounts and more once qualified, so you start ahead and stay ahead. Included free for the first year, then £35/$50 via auto renewal, or use instructor reward earnings to keep it free! Details here.

If you have never done any online training before, make this your first! Even those who call themselves 'technophobes' confirm how easy it is to use!


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Here are just a few of the hundreds of '5 Star - Excellent' reviews received from instructors worldwide...

While aware of the "Spinning" courses and brand, I felt that the online course with yourselves was a better route to go down after further research. Having now done it - Quite simply the best online indoor cycling course at any price.

Steven S - London UK

I would highly recommend this course to those who are serious about becoming a dedicated indoor cycling instructor. This course covers everything from safety to terrain to techniques to music. The emphasis on safety is eye-opening and relevant. This course is for instructors who want to make a difference in the lives of their clients. I also felt that my tutor was truly interested in my progress.

Eva W - USA

I was so impressed. I couldn't find anything that I needed to know that wasn't covered

Gina - Australia

Tutor support was truely awesome

Jill P - Kuwait

My friend highly recommended the course to me. I love to cycle and I do it several times a week. I feel it is a strength of mine and people have commented to me that I would make a good instructor. So, I decided to give it a try! Debbie was so very kind and helpful!! She made this experience so much more meaningful to me! I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is interested in indoor cycling!

Kristin E - Florida USA

I have been teaching indoor cycling for many years and wanted to brush up on technicalities. Having done Spinning, ICG Coach by Color by Life Fitness, Soul Cycle, Flywheel, Swerve, local gyms, Cyclebar, Ryde NYC/DC I was a bit concerned there wouldn’t be much new for me to learn. But that concern was absolutely overcome on doing it!
Great course for newbies as well as veteran instructors! There is something to learn for everyone!

Brooke M - New York USA

This course is informative, very detailed and safety conscious. It is a really thorough course which goes into all aspects of fixed bike cycling. The course content is set out in a logical manner and is clear and concise with supportive videos and photos to help demonstrate important points in fixed bike cycling. I loved doing the course and feel far more confident about my own fixed bike cycling skills than I did before. Thank you so much and I truly feel the course has been worth every penny!

Rebecca D - Kazaksthan
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