Performance Cycling Essentials Plus (Level 1) 1 day Live Course Outline


Introduction, aims and welcome to the course

1st Practical

Full Introduction, health and safety and demo class

Key Knowledge 1



Muscles used

Minimising body stress

Key Knowledge 2

Principles of training

FITT principle

Energy systems

Intensity and TZones

MHR and Monitoring intensity


2nd Practical

Review then teaching practice of practical Part 1 – Health and safety

Coaching review and identifying/correcting common errors


Review of morning knowledge gained

Key Knowledge 3

Class design, preparation and format.

Adapting and progressing intensity for different fitness levels

3rd Practical

Teaching practice of Part 2 - base moves

Working to music practical - Bring at least 2 music tracks you can teach to for this section (on phone so can stream via bluetooth) 


Written Assessment and whats next?

Details of how to access and complete the Essentials Plus written assessment online after the course and instructor benefits on passing.



Please note, some sections may be adapted/moved to accommodate environment/group needs.

Performance Cycling Training